MX Alu

MX Alu Seat is a groundbreaking solution, meticulously crafted for Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs), offering unparalleled lightweight performance through the magic of Ultralight technology. With its aluminum construction and adjustable width feature, it sets a new standard for innovation, ensuring a comfortable and customizable journey for passengers.

MX ALU Seat is engineered entirely from high-quality aluminum, renowned for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. This innovative choice of material ensures that the seat remains robust while being exceptionally lightweight, making it an ideal choice for LRV operators focused on optimizing vehicle efficiency.

MX ALU Seat achieves extraordinary weight savings, far surpassing traditional seating options. This innovative approach not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces wear and tear on LRVs, contributing to long-term cost savings.

MX ALU Seat embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and passenger-centric design. Its sleek aesthetics, ergonomic contours, and customizable width make it a delightful addition to LRV interiors, enhancing the overall passenger experience.