Flexa Alu

Flexa Alu takes lightweight seating to a whole new level, surpassing even the standard Flexa in its feather-light design. Tailored for intercity communication vehicles, this remarkable seat offers a winning combination of low weight and extensive configuration options, making it a standout choice for a variety of transportation needs.

The defining feature of Flexa Alu is its exceptional weight savings. Going beyond industry standards, its ultra-lightweight construction is perfectly aligned with the needs of intercity vehicles, especially electric ones. In the world of electric vehicles, where every kilogram counts, Flexa Alu rises to the occasion, contributing to enhanced efficiency and range.

But the advantages of Flexa Alu extend beyond its weight. Its flexibility in configuration is a key selling point, allowing for versatile layouts to suit different vehicle types. Whether you're outfitting school buses or any vehicle where maximizing seating is a priority, Flexa Alu can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In school buses, where safety and space optimization are critical, Flexa Alu shines. Its lightweight design allows for increased passenger capacity without overloading the vehicle, all while ensuring the safety and comfort of students.