About us



STER Group is a family company with branches on several continents. Our goal is to guarantee the safety and comfort of traveling for public transport passengers.

We provide the highest quality services, and the ability to adapt the offer to individual customer needs is in our company DNA.

Each customer is the creator of their own needs and expectations. Every customer is the most important for us. Given the above motto, the STER Group has created its own Research Institute, which transforms the needs and expectations of our clients and future clients into services and products.

Thanks to the network of production plants in the world, we can reach a wide group of passengers with our offers, thus building a permanent bond between the needs and implementation possibilities. People are the highest value of the STER Group. All, without exception, motivated to produce the best products in the world to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. We are open to new challenges, needs and defining new projects that indicate new opportunities.


STER Group

Bearing in mind the need to increase the level of safety and comfort of mass communication passengers, we set ourselves the task of creating products and solutions that will significantly and significantly change the quality of public transport.

We create new products to ensure that the safety, comfort, quality of products and services differ significantly from the current standards. We are building the standard. It is not a satisfying way for us to create another version of the same product dressed in a new look, and in the middle staying in solutions from the last era. Product and service development is a constant search for new opportunities and discovering ways to implement progress and evolution. We do not copy or imitate it. We observe market changes and propose our innovative solutions, taking into account the expectations of our clients.

We have created a team of innovators whose task is to find roads that others cannot find, or challenges on this path are too difficult for them.

Our satisfaction is customer satisfaction, their joy, and satisfaction with the introduced new products and the effects that these new products bring. To come up with new products is one thing, but implementing products and services in such a way that this solution brings a positive effect among customers is a real challenge. We set such challenges for ourselves and our teams. An equally important aspect next to economics is ecology.

We are convinced that ecology and safety do not only have to generate costs. For us, safety and ecology should also be a source of revenue. Lighter products mean fewer materials, lower prices, save fuel, and finally reduce gas emissions.

On the scale of impact of the STER Group, savings reach hundreds of millions of euros in the form of unburned oil. This is a reduction of CO2 emissions at the level of millions of kilograms.

Markets and locations

STER Group is a multigenerational family company with a global vision and global operation. We have been equipping public transport vehicles for over 30 years, focusing on the bus and rail industry. We always put the safety and comfort of travel first, and thanks to the combination of company networks and assembly plants, we can deliver over 1,000,000 ultra-safe and comfortable seats every year. Currently, our products are operated on 5 continents, and individual markets are served by assembly plants located around the world. As a result, our customers are always close to us.

Each factory is a supply center for local markets with a specific global goal; produce world-class products tailored to the requirements of each customer in the shortest possible time, the optimal price for the customer, while maintaining the highest quality of service.

The industry’s activities are the driving force behind the development of the entire group.

STER Poland

There are two factories in Poland and STER Research and Development Institute also. In the Institute we design our products from scratch and look for new solutions, developing our company together with our clients.


Ster France

Ster France is another step on our partnership path on the market. The presence of Ster France allows us to support our customers on site, both in terms of seat assembly, as well as quick availability of spare parts and on-site support in a short time.

STER India

STER India is an independent production company founded as part of the STER Group in 2016. The first bus seats for the Indian market were produced and sold by the company on September 22, 2017. Since then, STER India has recorded an increase in interest in its products and the increase in the share of local production increases interest in the product range of the entire group.

The company’s goal in India is the ability to meet the needs of the local market in world-class mass transit seats while maintaining prices based on local labor costs. As the company grows, the production plant in India will serve Asian and Oceania markets, including the Australian market.

STER Turkey

STER Turkey is the youngest company in the STER Group. Before joining the STER Group, it operated on the market under the name Fource and from 2016 was the official representative of STER on the Turkish market in the field of city seats. After three years of fruitful cooperation, Ster and Fource shareholders decided to transform the existing representation into a full member of the STER Group. The purchase of the majority share package and inclusion of STER Turkey in the group allows for quick implementation of products into the offers of all members of the STER family in the world. The possibility of cooperation and mutual support means that the current rapid development of the group will have a new dimension and possibilities. The group will significantly accelerate the introduction of products to the markets, and will significantly increase the range of proposed solutions.


Thank you for your trust, support, and participation in the ambitious creation of a new reality.